This episode delves into the 1985 Lawrence Kasdan Western homage Silverado. The first appearance of Kevin Costner on the podcast, Dad and I have a good time reminiscing about watching this particular Western excessively in the 1980s, where it introduced me to the genre. The nostalgia extends back to a famously ugly piece of shop class memorabilia, discussed at length and seen in picture right here. Behold, the Silverado vase!


Then in the discussion of the film itself, we run into our first experience of disagreeing on a film in somewhat significant ways. I’m a bit disappointed with the stock nature of the plot and characters, while Dad is much more transported by the commitment to honoring the style and tone of the old school studio pictures. Conversation ranges from an uncharacteristically playful Kevin Costner, the character actor whack-a-mole game you can play while watching the film, the question of whether it’s a difficult or very easy film to follow, the legacy of Lethal Weapon, and Brian Dennehy’s sadly unrealized performance as Santa Claus.There’s a lot of talk of Dennehy, in fact. He’s terrific. So, get ready to listen to me disappoint my dad with my lack of enthusiasm for one of his favorites!

It’s not that heavy. Lots of cracking each other up. Maybe a bit much of that, in fact. At the end, we briefly discuss a few old movies no one’s talking about just now, Babes on Broadway and Lady Snowblood. We also neglected to give our star ratings, which actually just drives me up the wall. For the record, 3 out of 5 for me, 4 out of 5 for Dad. I’m sure we’ll mention it on the next episode, in which we discuss last year’s major Western release, The Hateful Eight! More Kurt Russell super violence, coming soon!

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